Vision and Values

Our Vision

To continually raise the standards of excellence in medical diagnostics, achieve and maintain the highest level of patient care based on proven scientific principles, administered with empathy and insight.

Our Values

Elbit has always strived to be a value driven organization. The core values influencing our operations are:

Personal Care: We care, respect and show compassion and humanity to all who call on us and are associated with us.We try our best to surpass their expectations.
Integrity: We conduct our business fairly with honesty and transparency.
Fairness: We are fair, sincere and ethical in all our deals to create an environment of trust and respect.
Excellence: We constantly strive to be the quality service provider leveraging technology and delivering the best to the society at large.
Responsibility: We are sensitive to those who call on us in pain and distress and try our very best to ease them of their stress and tension.
Our business practices are guided by the highest ethical standards of truth, integrity and transparency.

Patient Care

Elbit maintains an unwavering eye in providing comfort to the patients visiting us. We at Elbit adhere to the highest norms of values and personal integrity while demonstrating compassion and humanity to all those who call on us.

Code Of Conduct

We are committed in all our actions to provide excellent in Medical Diagnostic services and ensure effective and efficient personal care. We strive to make a positive contribution to the achievement of such goals at all levels. We provide safe healthy operating conditions and environment consistent with the highest quality standards of healthcare to ensure total satisfaction of all those seeking our services and support. Every Board Member and Employee of Elbit exhibits high moral and ethical standard and deal with honesty and integrity.

Elbit Personnel

Elbit has highly qualified thoroughbred medical personnel that include doctors, coordinators, consultants, technicians and customer care executives to ensure personal care and to add a vital human touch at all times. Their warm and friendly demeanor places visiting patients at ease while their expertise and professionalism reassures them that they are in safe competent hands. All the doctors at Elbit are highly qualified specialists, having scientific and research degrees.

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Health Packages

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