Quality Policy & Objective

Quality Policy

We believe that quality of life is more important than the quality standard of living. With every test and procedure we believe that quality is the only way to serve our patients. Our patients are satisfied with the care provided by our well-trained technicians. Customer satisfaction and specific clinical benchmarks are the measures to compare the quality of a diagnostic center and Elbit has the both!

We at Elbit are committed to:

"Continually raise and improve the standards of excellence in medical diagnostics, by using the latest technology, through trained and qualified professionals, to provide humane treatment to every patient".

Elbit provides the following services: Clinical Biochemistry, Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Serology and Cytology.

We achieve our quality through:

  • Raising And Providing The Highest Standards Of Accuracy In Medical Diagnostics By Using Relevant, Updated And Systemized Technology To Its Fullest Potential.
  • Continually Upgrading The Knowledge Of Our Work Force Through Training Inputs To Ensure Their Motivation And Coordinated Teamwork For A Disciplined And Committed Work Culture.
  • Ensuring Familiarization Of Quality Management Documentation And Quality Policy And Objectives Among All The Employees.
  • Commitment To Good Clinical And Laboratory Practices.
  • Establishment, Implementation And Maintenance Of Quality Management System Conforming To The Requirement Of International Standard ISO 15189:2012, ISO 9001:2015 And The NABL Specific Requirements Of 112 , And Ensuring Effectiveness Of Quality Management System.
  • Auditing And Continually Improve The Effectiveness Of The Service.

Quality Objectives

Based on the Quality Policy the following Quality Objectives are formulated

  • Review The Quality Indicators Related To Patient Care And Improve The Same.
  • Participate In EQA Programmes Covering All The Analytes/ Parameters, At Least Once A Year, And Initiate Inter-Laboratory Comparison Where External Quality Assessment Programme Is Not Available.
  • To Ensure Optimal Level Of Customer Satisfaction By Providing In Time Delivery Of Quality Reports
  • Reduction In Complaints.
  • Improvement In Proficiency Testing.

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