Molecular Diagnostic

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The lab is equipped with
  • Real time PCR and Flow cytometry sections.
  • Fully automated FDA approved Real Time PCR equipments for both extraction and analysis of various infectious diseases and malignancies - Equipments from Qiagen - Qiacube and Rotor Gene.
  • Flow Cytometry for infectious diseases and malignancies on BD FACS Calibur - a 4 color & 2 laser based equipment.
  • CD counts and HLA B27 assays available.
  • Accredited by NABL.
The laboratory has two levels of Quality control measures in the department.
  • Standards and calibrators run with every batch of assay.
  • Two level Internal Quality control samples run with every batch.
  • Inter Laboratory Quality Assurance Programs - ILQA.
  • Regular Internal audits to monitor out of control situations.

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