Serology & Microbiology

The Best Microbiology in Hyderabad at Elbit Diagnostics

The lab is equipped with
  • Automated ELISA system for almost about 50 different ELISAs.
  • Automated culture, identification and sensitivity system for aerobic and anerobic bacteria.
  • Automated Culture system for Blood.
  • Immunofluorescence technology for autoimmune diseases.
  • Special tests such as Westernblot for HIV, Quantiferon TB gold test, ANA profile.
  • Complete Allergy panel for food and inhalation allergens.
The laboratory has two levels of Quality control measures in the department.
  • ATCC strains are used for quality control.
  • Three level Internal Quality control measures with strict adherence to CLSI guidelines.
  • Inter Laboratory Quality Assurance Programs - ILQA.
  • External Quality Assurance program (EQAS) - IAMM Chennai.
  • Regular Internal audits to monitor out of control situations.

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Health Packages

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